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Microsoft Adding H.264 Back into Google Chrome

If the title of this article made you rub your eyes and gave you cause to double check to make sure you were reading what you thought you had read then I don’t blame you. Under normal circumstances you certainly wouldn’t expect Microsoft to develop or enhance a competing product. Unless of course there was …

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Why You Shouldn’t Install Third Party Codecs on Windows 7

Another quick update for this evening. What many people may not know but Windows 7 actually supports a wider range of codecs (i.e. COmpression / DECompression software) compared to Windows XP and Vista, specifically: H.264 (popular for Apple devices and web streaming), AAC (a popular audio format also preferred by Apple), DivX, Xvid. As a …

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Firefox 4 Beta 9 Released

Another quick update for this evening. If you are running the Firefox 4 Beta on your computer you might like to bump the update checker inside the browser to download the latest Beta 9 offering which has been made available in the last couple of days. If you want to view the complete list of …

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