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How to Install a Video Card

Well, when you are upgrading the video card in your desktop computer you need to know how the process works end-to-end. It does take a bit of time and care even for the seasoned veterans amongst us who have done it before or have usually built their own computers. There are numerous things to consider: …

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Desktop Apps for Windows RT

It didn’t take long for desktop apps to be ported over to the ARM-based Windows RT operating system soon after an exploit was found to remove the artificial restriction imposed by Microsoft. Anyway, there is a growing number of apps available over at XDA Developers, including: 7Zip, Audacity, DOSBox, KeePass Portable, Notepad++, OpenTTD (one of …

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Locking Your Windows RT Tablet

If you’re using a tablet that doesn’t come with a keyboard or has an detachable or foldaway keyboard then you might want to know how to lock your tablet without having to reattach or swing back the keyboard to hit Window + L. Fortunately, this is really simple once you know how: Get to the Start …

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Front and Rear USB Ports – Use Them Wisely

Just a quick one for tonight. One thing that gets my gripe is how people use USB ports on their computer, particularly front and rear USB ports on desktop computers. When USB ports first hit the scene they were relegated to the rear of the computer along with all of the other faithful ports including …

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Bring Desktop Gadgets to the Fore in Windows 7

'Show Desktop' Shortcut in Windows 7

Another quick tip for tonight. If you use desktop gadgets to keep track of the weather, system resources or other bits and pieces that take your fancy it can be a hassle to move windows out of the way. Fortunately, there are a couple of ways to look at your gadgets without moving your windows. …

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