Live Streaming Television with Vulkano

A while back I wrote about how I was looking at options to stream live television and my focus upon the Slingbox products but I never got around to purchasing one. Don’t get me wrong, I think the technology is fantastic but I’ve just not seen much in the way of innovation or the extension of product range for countries outside the USA.

Anyway, given that my wife is going overseas in a couple of months during the time at which the Australian federal election will potentially be held she will miss out on being able to watch the live election results (it’s a bit of an event for us believe it or not). As such, I am looking at various options again and this time the Vulkano product range has caught my attention.

There are a few boxes, ranging from the entry level streamer in the form of the Vulkano Flow, the middle-tier Vulkano Lava and the top shelf Vulkano Blast. The Flow doesn’t include any storage whilst the Lava includes 4GB of flash storage and the Blast includes a 160GB hard drive. Given that we already have a Foxtel IQ2 recording isn’t terribly important but could be handy if we want to archive television shows off to our home server for future watching. I’m still yet to make a final decision.

The Vulkano products allow you to stream live television to other devices including computers and iOS/Android smartphones and tablets. You can even stream from one Vulkano to another (although the receiving Vulkano needs to be either the Lava or Blast versions).

On face value, this could be an interesting product so I will let you know if I end up pulling the trigger on one.


    • Damon Gray on January 22, 2019 at 15:07
    • Reply

    Is there ANY option for us now that Monsoon has bailed on its customers? I’m sitting here with four useless Vulkanos, two Pros and two Lavas. It’s exceedingly frustrating. Can we somehow hard code the IP of the Vulkano so the client viewers know how to talk to them without the Monsoon server?

    1. Good question, but I’ve not come across anything that fills this gap. It seems that we have some new doorstops on our hands.

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