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Don’t Waste Time Reinstating the Legacy Start Menu in Windows 8

The title pretty much says it all but there are some solutions out there such as Start8 trying to recreate some form of a Start Menu in Windows 8 which eschewed this fundamental feature introduced in Windows 95. Eighteen years of the Start Menu can be long enough to have users rusted on to a …

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Learning About Application Compatibility Mode in Windows

Application Properties (Compatibility Tab - Dropdown List)

Yesterday, I wrote about an old game that was a favourite of mine back in school, WinTrek as well as some nostalgia from that time of my life. Anyway, with games written for really old operating systems like Windows 3.11 or Windows 95 you might need to tweak things a little bit to get these …

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Classic Windows Gaming: WinTrek

Just a quick one for tonight (and a bit of nostalgia for me too). Back in school I remember the time when we moved away from our fleet of Apple IIe computers (and a sole Macintosh which the school had won in a Coles shopping docket collection competition) and upgraded to IBM compatible machines (can’t …

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