August 2010 archive

Samsung Galaxy S Unboxed!

Today I was lucky enough to get a new Samsung Galaxy S and I got a chance to do an unboxing video of it so you know what is inside the box if you choose to get one yourself. I am getting to grips with the phone as it is a bit of a change …

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The iBookStore is Open But Nobody Cares

Way back at the start of the year, I wrote an article about Apple’s iPad being a market disrupter or DOA and mentioned that I had made a prediction with the wife that 2010 was going to be the year of the eBook. I still stand by that prediction and I think we have seen …

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Exchange ActiveSync for Hotmail Almost Upon Us

Smartphone users may have been frustrated by the inability to access their Hotmail accounts using POP3 whilst other services such as Gmail and Yahoo have allowed the use of IMAP and, in the case of Gmail, the use of Exchange ActiveSync technology to synchronise your mail, contacts and calendar and enable the use for push …

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Manage Internet Access with OpenDNS

These days, parents and small businesses can find it difficult to make sure internet access is being used responsibly not to mention the potential security implications for visiting unknown websites on a frequent basis. The incumbent Federal Government put its web filter strategy on ice in the lead up to the election and still appears …

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Google Adds Telephony to Gmail

Google continues its forward march into unified communications by adding then ability to call telephones from within Gmail. Officially, the service is only available to US residents but us Australians can enable it by: Browsing to the general settings in Gmail, Changing the “Gmail display language” to “English (UK)”, Saving the changes, Changing the “Gmail …

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Make Your Own PDF Documents

CutePDF Printer

Another quick one for tonight. At some point you may have written up a document which you want to share with someone but are wary of them tampering or altering your original content (perhaps even going to the extent of using it as their own). These could be PowerPoint slides or important Word documents. Otherwise, …

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Microsoft Security Essentials 2.0 Beta Available

Microsoft Security Essentials 2.0 Beta

Just a quick update for this evening. In news that might have slipped under the radar, Microsoft has released a beta version of its popular Microsoft Security Essentials software. This version of the software sports a few new features but also keeps down the bloat which is great for low end computers like netbooks. New …

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Jailbreaking Made Easy with JailbreakMe

If you have an iPhone or know someone that does have one, you may have heard of the term “jailbreak” brought up in discussion every now and then. For the uninformed, a jailbreak provides the ability to run applications unapproved by Apple on your device and make other modifications otherwise impossible with a factory default …

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Get Live GPS Tracking with Instamapper

Instamapper - Device Page

A little while back I wrote about a service called Foursquare that would help you keep track of where you friends are or have been when they check in to various locations. What this service does rely upon is your friends checking in regularly and also sharing that information with you. It is very much …

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1TB Internet Plans Make Their Debut

You could be forgiven for missing this due to the coverage of the Australian federal election but iiNet, iPrimus and TPG have begun to offer internet plans offering at least 1TB (yes, that’s 1000GB). The plans are fairly similar but the breakdown is as follows: iiNet: 1TB quota (upload inclusive), 500GB peak usage, 500GB off-peak usage, 24 …

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