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Motorola Turbo Charger Review

Before we get too far, no, this isn’t something to boost the performance of the engine in your car but rather something to charge up the battery in your phone or tablet. You might be disappointed but this charger promises to quickly charge your device so long as it has a Qualcomm 810 CPU in …

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Getting the Stock Android Experience on Top Notch Hardware

Most people would tend to agree that the Android smartphones released by Samsung lead the rest of the pack in terms of specifications which can be a big attraction for the geeks. Whilst the physical design may leave something to be desired with the plastic casing enduring since the original Galaxy S there’s little doubt …

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Get Live GPS Tracking with Instamapper

Instamapper - Device Page

A little while back I wrote about a service called Foursquare that would help you keep track of where you friends are or have been when they check in to various locations. What this service does rely upon is your friends checking in regularly and also sharing that information with you. It is very much …

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