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Google Reporting Suspicious Activity After IM+ Login

Here’s a quick tip for those of you trying out IM+ for the first time. IM+ is a great app to sign you into multiple instant messenger services simultaneously with just one piece of software. It’ll connect to Skype. Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo, ICQ and Google Talk to name but a few. However, you may …

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Google Adds Telephony to Gmail

Google continues its forward march into unified communications by adding then ability to call telephones from within Gmail. Officially, the service is only available to US residents but us Australians can enable it by: Browsing to the general settings in Gmail, Changing the “Gmail display language” to “English (UK)”, Saving the changes, Changing the “Gmail …

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Cross-Platform Instant Messaging – Do We Really Need It?

I have used various forms of instant messaging over the years and as one service has come to the fore others have paled into former shadows of themselves. For me, it all started with ICQ and AOL Instant¬†Messenger¬†(AIM) before MSN Messenger really started to absorb users in the later half of 1999 and the following …

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