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The 2TB Barrier – What Does it Mean for You?

Throughout last year I made a couple of mentions of the 2TB (two terabyte) barrier for physical storage in modern computers but didn’t take the opportunity to flesh out exactly what it means for the regular consumer out there. In this article I am going to explain why this is important and what you need …

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1TB Internet Plans Make Their Debut

You could be forgiven for missing this due to the coverage of the Australian federal election but iiNet, iPrimus and TPG have begun to offer internet plans offering at least 1TB (yes, that’s 1000GB). The plans are fairly similar but the breakdown is as follows: iiNet: 1TB quota (upload inclusive), 500GB peak usage, 500GB off-peak usage, 24 …

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Windows Home Server V2 – “Vail” Makes its Debut

After a period of expectancy, the next version of Windows Home Server has made its way to being released as a “public preview”. What this means is that the product is still very much in testing and many things may not work properly (or perhaps not at all). Codenamed “Vail”, Microsoft has unleashed this second …

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