1TB Internet Plans Make Their Debut

You could be forgiven for missing this due to the coverage of the Australian federal election but iiNet, iPrimus and TPG have begun to offer internet plans offering at least 1TB (yes, that’s 1000GB). The plans are fairly similar but the breakdown is as follows:

  • iiNet:
    • 1TB quota (upload inclusive),
      • 500GB peak usage,
      • 500GB off-peak usage,
    • 24 month contract,
    • $99.95 a month,
    • Available now,
    • Mandatory bundling with a phone line for $29.95.
  • iPrimus:
    • 1.111TB quota (upload inclusive),
      • 511GB peak usage,
      • 600GB off-peak usage,
    • 24 month contract,
    • $99.95 a month,
    • Available now,
    • Optional bundling with a phone line.
  • TPG:
    • 1TB quota (upload exclusive),
      • 500GB peak usage,
      • 500GB off-peak usage,
    • 6 or 18 month contract options,
    • $69.99 a month,
    • Available September 1st in limited areas,
    • Mandatory bundling with a phone line.

In a case of “one-upmanship”, iPrimus is offering 1.111TB but for most people that should be more than enough. I’m surprised TPG is wading into the waters as they already have an ADSL2+ Unlimited 24×7 plan for $75 but I guess any publicity is a good thing as they clearly have the capability of offering such quotas.

Also notable is that iiNet offers the same plan on the NBN which bodes well for the future of the network if it manages to go ahead unaffected if we do end up with a hung parliament.

Even if you can’t imagine using so much, it does help to drive down prices for cheaper plans and get more bang for your back.

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