Category: Phishing

A Rude Surprise in WhatsApp

Spim on WhatsApp

Here’s something to keep an eye out for if you use WhatsApp. You might want to think twice if you receive a message along these lines: WhatsApp Surprise! You’ve got a prize. Confirm your WhatsApp! phone number [xxxxxxxxxxx] right away.   Confirm >>>> This is called “spim” or “spam instant messaging” designed to both …

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Beware the Twitter Worm Spruiking Acai!

Just a general warning for those of you using Twitter. It seems that there is a worm that is compromising Twitter accounts by enticing people to click on a link regarding “acainews”. News about how the exploit itself is still fairly thin on the ground but it has been noted that accounts belonging to users …

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Manage Internet Access with OpenDNS

These days, parents and small businesses can find it difficult to make sure internet access is being used responsibly not to mention the potential security implications for visiting unknown websites on a frequent basis. The incumbent Federal Government put its web filter strategy on ice in the lead up to the election and still appears …

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PAYG Internet Kiosks – Why Bother?

At the shopping centre near my workplace and also outside one of my favourite restaurants, The Palace Chinese Restaurant, there are these Hi-Speed Internet Kiosks. If memory serves me correctly, it costs $2 for 21 minutes and you get the use of a USB port, black and white printer and of course Internet access for …

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