My Web Browser Text is Too Small!

A lot of us would have come across a situation where the text in our web browser just became twice as small for an unknown reason. With so many keyboard shortcuts and buttons on mice it can be hard to work out if you pressed a key or clicked on something by accident to create the problem.

If this has happened to you then this tip will get you out of trouble and back into familiar territory.

In your web browser, click in a blank space in the window then hold down the “Control” key then scroll your mouse wheel up (away from you) slowly. You should find that the text size will gradually increase and you can adjust this to suit your eyes. If you increase the size too much then you can always decrease it by holding down “Control” and scrolling the mouse wheel down (towards you).

This tip can also work in other programs such as Microsoft Outlook when you are previewing or composing an e-mail or other productivity applications like Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint and Word. Give it a try, it might come in handy!

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