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Has Your LinkedIn Account Possibly Been Compromised?

Here’s a quick tip. If you use LinkedIn to keep track of your professional circles you may recall a leak of 6.5 million passwords. These had been stored in the form of unsalted hashes which means that many will be easy to crack if you have used password consisting only of dictionary words and if …

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Meet and Seat – Social Networking in the Skies

Here’s something that might potential float your boat or sink it depending upon your inclination. KLM Royal Dutch Airlines has launched a new “meet and seat” service which allows people to select “seatmates” by looking through the social profiles of other passengers who have selected the same flight. Your individual social profile is created and …

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Disable Social Advertising on LinkedIn

LinkedIn - Manage Social Advertising Option

This might have gone under the radar for many people who use LinkedIn in terms of being opted in for “social advertising” on its service. In a nuthshell, your photo and name may be used in ads shown to other members of LinkedIn in relevance to companies and services when you make recommendations or follow …

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About.me – Your Personal Splash Page

These days, we have all sorts of social networking sites carving out their part of the internet and vying for your precious time. Facebook is one of the big hitters along with Twitter for the vast majority of people but others sites such as LinkedIn and Foursquare also have their uses in amongst everything else …

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New Gadget – Panasonic VIErA Full-HD 3D Neo Plasma TV

A few months back, I came across an article on Gizmodo Australia spruiking the opportunity to get involved in the Panasonic Insider Crew and the chance to win a Panasonic 3D TV. The Panasonic Insider Crew is run by Soup which conducts market research on new products across a number of projects. People can sign …

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Twitter (huh, yeah) – What is it good for?

Lately, I’ve been wondering about the relevance of Twitter at least within the context of my use of social networking. I use a range of social networking services, including: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Yammer, … plus a range of instant messenger applications (of which I use a couple most frequently). Now, just because I find it …

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