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Aug 12 2013

A Raft of Windows 8 Bing Apps Arrive on Windows Phone 8

If you’ve used Windows 8 you might have noticed that it comes with a few bundled apps including four Bing apps: Bing Finance, Bing News, Bing Sport, and Bing Weather. These apps are pretty slick and set the bar high for other Metro apps in terms of interface and quality. Anyway, the team that brought …

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Apr 19 2013

RSS Feeds Arrive in Bing News

This may have slipped under the radar for some but I reckon this is a fantastic update that will have me using Bing News far more often on my Microsoft Surface. It could also be a handy alternative for those facing the prospect of being orphaned by the shutdown of Google Reader. In the most …

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Apr 29 2012

Obtain Great Windows 7 Desktop Backgrounds Everyday

While we probably don’t sit around gazing at our desktop background everyday it’s nice to be able to be surprised by something that looks spectacular. Bing has become noted for having a new image everyday on its landing page and, while there has been the ability to get two new wallpapers a week via RSS from …

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Oct 09 2011

Post and Comment Translation Coming to Facebook

In what might seem a blow to Google, Microsoft and its Bing search engine will get a leg up with Facebook integration in the form of post and comment translation abilities. In a nutshell, if you come across a comment that is in a language other than your selected Facebook language then a “translate” button …

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Sep 04 2011

Restore a Missing Local Scout Tile in Windows Phone 7

A new feature in Windows Phone 7 Mango is “Local Scout” which is a location based service powered by Bing. Think of it of something like a mashup of Urban Spoon and Google Maps allowing you to find local eateries, shops and landmarks. Depending how your phone is configured when Mango is installed you may …

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Sep 01 2011

Discover What Bing Knows About You

Here’s a quick tip for tonight. If you’ve ever used Bing (Microsoft’s own search engine attempting to compete with Google) you might be interested to learn about what sort of information it has built up about you. At the moment, it might be more for the sake of curiosity but for those Bing converts it’s …

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Aug 26 2011

Nokia Maps 3D – Better Than Google Maps?

Nokia Maps 3D - Sydney Harbour Bridge

Here’s something to check out in your spare time. These days, Google Maps is often the place to go to get driving directions, traffic conditions and also a laugh at how you need to swim across the ocean to get to another continent if you attempt to get directions to an overseas destination. However, Nokia …

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Aug 05 2011

Change Search Engines in Firefox Without Touching the Mouse

Another quick tip for tonight. If you use Firefox and can’t get enough of the dedicated search box up the top here’s a tip that will make it that little bit more powerful for you without having to touch the mouse. If you don’t already know, the keyboard shortcut to get into the search box …

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