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Fitbit – More Than Just a Pedometer

As you may know, I received the Fitbit not too long ago and I have been faithfully wearing it to track my activity throughout the day and my sleeping patterns every night. Unfortunately, I forgot to click it on to my shorts this afternoon as I went out for my run and unsurprisingly I was …

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Facebook Privacy – Check Your Facebook Phonebook

These days, Facebook is very much the social hub for the digital life for the average connected person. What people may not realise is that Facebook makes it keep by finding ways to use our personal information, be it for targeted ads or suggested content. It probably goes without saying that the more detailed information that can …

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Xmarks Shutting Down in Early 2011

Back in June, I blogged about a great piece of software called Xmarks (previously known as Foxmarks when it was originally written as a plug-in for Firefox). In a nutshell, it allowed you to sync your bookmarks and your website credentials up to the cloud (over a secureand  encrypted connection) and then sync them down …

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