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How to Set the Cisco DPQ3925 to Bridge Mode

I am visiting my folks at the moment and there are a few IT things lined up that needed addressing. One of those items was the removal of their Wi-Fi router when the cable modem was replaced due to suspected fault. The new Cisco DPQ3925 modem is also a Wi-Fi router but its performance when …

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Billion BiPAC 7800DXL Router Modem Unboxing

Leading on my article from yesterday I had to replace my old Dynalink RTA1025W ADSL2+ router modem given that it no longer worked. Even after having the line speed reduced on the DSLAM did nothing so out I went and fetched the Billion BiPAC 7800DXL router modem. Unboxing video is below: This router modem has …

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Build Your Own Network Map in Windows

Network Map Utility in Windows 7

Here’s a quick tip for users of Windows 7. With the number of computers growing in homes and small businesses it can be hard to keep track of how things are connected without following all of the network cables and drawing up a schematic of the network. Now, maybe the dedicated amongst us would prefer …

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Mi-Fi Devices – A Convenient Mobile Data Solution

A friend and colleague of mine has been without her fixed line broadband at home for the best part of a week which has hindered her ability to work remotely as well as allowing her family to conduct their online activities (like checking personal and work e-mail accounts as an example). Today, it came to …

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Use Your Mobile as a Modem and Save Money

Some of us are regular users of mobile broadband services and normally rely on a mobile broadband modem of some description to get an internet connection whilst we are on the move or away from home. Dialup access once reigned supreme for mobility and availability but mobile broadband has pretty much put it to rest. …

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