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Android Easter Eggs

What’s an Easter egg you ask? Yes, there’s the chocolate egg-shaped variety that makes an appearance once a year but I’m not talking about those ones but another variety. In technology, Easter eggs can take on various forms such as hidden messages or a fun secret that would otherwise go unnoticed for most users. A …

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Duplicate Events and Contacts in Android

Update: The below solution does not correct the problem and only addresses the symptoms. Please leave a comment if this bug is affecting you and when it first started happening. Update 2: I recall receiving an update for my Samsung Galaxy S III on 11/07/2012 weighing in at 22.6MB which was listed as a performance …

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Ouya – The Open Source Game Console

Okay, I have a confession. I have had an itch to pledge for another project on Kickstarter and I gave in far too easily but I reckon this is quite an exciting development for the gaming industry as a whole, if not, for gamers in general. Ouya will be a game console based upon Android …

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Copy Ringtones to an ICS Android Smartphone

A lot of people love to customise their smartphones and one popular thing to do is change the ringtones and even set unique ones for each person who calls. If you’ve got a more recent Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0) smartphone then all you have to do is connect it to your computer and copy …

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Incoming Gadget – Samsung Galaxy S III

Samsung Galaxy S III

Yesterday, I picked myself up a new Samsung Galaxy S III upon its launch given that I had found myself in a bit of a dire smartphone situation. My Samsung Omnia 7 has had a repeated history of corrupting its memory after a couple of months and the only solution to get it working properly …

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Update – Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) Port for Samsung Galaxy S

Phone Dialer

Hi folks, just wanted to give you an update on where I am at with testing the early alpha port of Ice Cream Sandwich (or ICS as it is now being abbreviated) to the Samsung Galaxy S. Initially, I was testing Galnet MIUI as I believed that was a proper implementation of ICS but it …

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