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Android 4.3 Hits the Nexus 7

Well, as fate would have it, after my disappointment with my Nexus 7 and its declining flash memory performance the latest version of Jelly Bean in the form of Android 4.3 actually includes support for TRIM. This capability was lacking in prior versions of the operating system unless your rooted your device and used various …

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Android Easter Eggs

What’s an Easter egg you ask? Yes, there’s the chocolate egg-shaped variety that makes an appearance once a year but I’m not talking about those ones but another variety. In technology, Easter eggs can take on various forms such as hidden messages or a fun secret that would otherwise go unnoticed for most users. A …

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Flash and its Numbered Days on Android

One of the long touted abilities of Android was its support of Flash within the unnamed web browser that was bundled with the operating system. This seemed to be a key selling point in contrast to iOS devices which have steadfastly refused to support it over the years. However, the haven provided by Android now …

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