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Android Easter Eggs

What’s an Easter egg you ask? Yes, there’s the chocolate egg-shaped variety that makes an appearance once a year but I’m not talking about those ones but another variety. In technology, Easter eggs can take on various forms such as hidden messages or a fun secret that would otherwise go unnoticed for most users. A …

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Use Google Docs on Your Android Device

Google Docs Document List

Here’s a quick tip for Android users out there. This slipped under my radar but last month Google released an Android app to use with its Google Docs service. The layout is fairly simple and you can get at your documents with a simple tap or you can get at your starred documents in a …

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Acer Iconia Tab: First Impressions

Today on my trip out and about to Hornsby Westfield I dropped into JB Hi-Fi to have a look at what they had on display and was stoked to find that they had a Android Honeycomb tablet on show in the form of the Acer Iconia Tab. Prior to today, I had never see a …

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