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Copy Ringtones to an ICS Android Smartphone

A lot of people love to customise their smartphones and one popular thing to do is change the ringtones and even set unique ones for each person who calls. If you’ve got a more recent Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0) smartphone then all you have to do is connect it to your computer and copy …

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Windows Phone 7 Mango Beta 2 – First Impressions

Windows Phone 7 Mango Beta 2 - Customised Ringtones

Well, I have had about 24 hours with Mango Beta 2 for Windows Phone 7 and wanted to share with you some of my first impressions of this forthcoming update for this mobile platform. While it’s speculated for a September release, I could easily see this being delayed to October or later by the carrier …

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Custom Ringtones for Windows Phone 7

Just a quick one for the night. A little while ago a piece of jailbreak software was released for Windows Phone 7 but there has been no actual use for it yet on consumer phones. Well, someone has been working away and has come up with a small homebrew application to fix an issue with …

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