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Google Talk Client for Windows Phone

Whilst Windows Phone has Windows Live Messenger and Facebook Chat built in it does leave you disconnected from another major IM network in the form of Google Talk. I think it’s realistic to say that we probably won’t see Google Plus let alone Google Talk functionality included natively in the Windows Phone OS but there …

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Update – Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) Port for Samsung Galaxy S

Phone Dialer

Hi folks, just wanted to give you an update on where I am at with testing the early alpha port of Ice Cream Sandwich (or ICS as it is now being abbreviated) to the Samsung Galaxy S. Initially, I was testing Galnet MIUI as I believed that was a proper implementation of ICS but it …

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Google “Plus One” – A Human Factor in Search?

In what looks like a potential emulation of the concept of “liking” something on Facebook, Google quietly rolled the ability to “+1” (or “plus one”) a piece of content you might come across on the internet in the last few months. Furthermore, it also allows your searches to be enriched (or potentially polluted depending how …

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