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Paypal Australia Now Accepting American Express

Maybe I missed this a while ago but today I noticed that Paypal Australia is now accepting American Express cards again after removing the ability to add or edit AMEX cards several years ago. That’s really the long and the short of it apart from the fact that it really annoyed me that Paypal refused …

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Change Your PSN Account Details

PlayStation Account Management

Whilst this might seem a bit obvious it can’t hurt to make this suggestion. A lot of people use the same username and password combinations across a bunch of websites and even for their personal e-mail (when a username has to be in the form of an e-mail address). Of course, this makes it easier …

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Install Gingerbread (Android 2.3.3) on Samsung Galaxy S

There’s been quite a buzz lately about an official release of Gingerbread (Android 2.3) from Samsung and, in true style, there have been many leaked ROMs for the Samsung Galaxy S that have been gracing the web. Over the weekend, I decided to bite the bullet and put Gingerbread on my phone. To be specific, …

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Google Prevents Use of American Express Cards on Certain Cross-Currency Transactions

American Express unusable for this purchase

Up until yesterday I had only ever downloaded free application from the Android Market but yesterday I was looking to get some nice looking widgets courtesy of the “Beautiful Widgets” app. I thought for the cost of €1.45 (approximately AU$1.95 at the time of writing) it was a fair price for something that has received pretty good …

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Secure Online Transactions with VeriSign Identity Protection

These days we hear horror stories of accounts being hacked and unwanted activity occurring under those accounts. In the worst cases, this can involve finances which can really cause major problems depending on what happens. So really, prevention is the best cure as trying to pick up the pieces afterwards can be time consuming and …

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HTTPS Everywhere – An Easier Way to Force SSL

HTTPS Everywhere Preferences

Last month, I covered how you could use Firefox with the NoScript add-on to force Secure HTTP (HTTPS) in order to protect yourself when using social networking websites on an unprotected wireless network or general usage anywhere else. The NoScript solution works fine but if you are less technically minded it could be a bit …

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eBay Backs Down on PayPal Exclusivity

For those of you that use eBay either to buy or sell items, you would have been aware of plans to set PayPal as very much the sole payment method for  auctions. A significant amount of noise was made here in Australia by both companies and individuals alike about restriction to consumer choice if the …

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