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Take the Time to Randomise Your Evernote Password

I won’t harp on too much about the recent security breach with regards to Evernote as it has received sufficient coverage. However, if you do happen to use a password for this service that is common with other services you use then you should seriously consider using a random password across all websites that you …

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Evernote – Cross-Platform Notes in the Cloud

Some people, such as myself, are not entirely and completed wedded to a single content and device ecosystem in that I have the Samsung Galaxy S as my mobile phone (an Android device for those unfamiliar with it), a Windows 7 custom built desktop  at home, a Windows 7 MSI Wind netbook and an Apple …

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HTTPS Everywhere – An Easier Way to Force SSL

HTTPS Everywhere Preferences

Last month, I covered how you could use Firefox with the NoScript add-on to force Secure HTTP (HTTPS) in order to protect yourself when using social networking websites on an unprotected wireless network or general usage anywhere else. The NoScript solution works fine but if you are less technically minded it could be a bit …

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