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SUPER – A Great Audio & Video Conversion Utility

SUPER (Main Screen)

Have you ever been caught in a situation where you need to have an audio or video file in a specific file? It could be one of those “just in case” things as you never know when you might need it. Anyway, I was caught in a situation this week where the CIO wanted to …

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TPG Unlimited 24×7 – One Month On

A month ago, I wrote a blog entry regarding TPG’s introduction of their new ADSL2+ Unlimited 24×7 plan at selected exchanges. TPG is still rolling out the availability of this plan at exchanges as it requires the provisioning for suitable backhaul (presumably using the recently acquired PIPE as the, umm, pipe). So how did the …

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Windows Home Server V2 – “Vail” Makes its Debut

After a period of expectancy, the next version of Windows Home Server has made its way to being released as a “public preview”. What this means is that the product is still very much in testing and many things may not work properly (or perhaps not at all). Codenamed “Vail”, Microsoft has unleashed this second …

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Paper Manuals – Time to Say Goodbye?

In relation to a prior blog update (Steam vs Retail – Which is Best?), one of my friends (that’s you, Adam) made a comment that he likes to get a disc when he spends his money. I totally understand that some people like to walk out of the shop with something tangible. This got me …

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Hard Drive Revival – Part 2

Hard drive with replacement board

A couple of weeks ago, I embarked upon Hard Drive Revival – Part 1 when I took receipt of an apparent dead drive and decided to replace its circuit board. Last week, the replacement board arrived whilst I was on my extended weekend in Melbourne. I’ve only just been able to collect it today from …

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Unsecured Wi-Fi – Protect Your Privacy

My view of the Melbourne CBD as I blog today

Hello from the club at the Grand Hyatt in Melbourne! Just a quick update today. Included with the cost of our room here at the Grand Hyatt, there is also free WiFi available in the club. Of course, with such an arrangement the WiFi is unsecured and unencrypted which can be a concern as all of …

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Windows Home Server – A Great Backup & Storage Solution

Home Server Console (Home Network Health)

In an earlier blog entry, Erratic Electricity – The Silent Killer, I mentioned the fact that I use Windows Home Server in conjunction with offsite backup and a UPS to keep my data safe and sound. Windows Home Server (WHS) is basically a cut down version of Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 2 and is …

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Applications in the Cloud vs Thick Clients

In news that I came across yesterday, Google bought out Picnik which is a photo editor in your web browser. I’ve never heard of it before so I gave it a very quick test drive (which you can do for free and without registration) and was pleasantly surprised by its ease of use and the …

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Erratic Electricity – The Silent Killer

UPS Utility (Categorised Breakdown)

Earlier today, my mother-in-law experienced a power outage as the result of some heavy storms in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales. Depending where you live, blackouts can be a rare occurrence or they could be a more regular inconvenience. Certainly, what many people don’t realise is that the electricity coming through the socket …

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