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Use Caffeine to Stop Your Mac From Sleeping

No, I’m not recommending that you try pouring coffee into your favourite Mac but if you hate having to go into the Energy Saver preferences to frequently change the settings then this might be for you. There’s an app called “Caffeine” in the Mac App Store that allows you to toggle whether or not your …

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Rosetta Support Disappearing in Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion)

Just a heads up for those Mac OS X users out there that may be using older applications from the PowerPC days (so those G3 and G4 CPUs that powered the Powerbooks and other Apple machines of that generation) – Rosetta support is being removed from the upcoming Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) operating system. …

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Phone Disk – Use Your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch as a Portable Drive

Phone Disk - Device Root Folder

Ever since the original iPhone came out, people have complained about Apple’s decision to prevent its use as a portable drive. Apple’s original iPods (excluding the iPod Touch) all supported the use of the device as an external drive which would show up in Windows or MacOS as another disk drive. There have been a …

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Windows Home Server V2 Beta Available

Just a quick one this evening. For those of you who are interested, Windows Home Server “Vail” (for home or home office use) and “Aurora” (for small business use) have been released on Microsoft Connect. What has really got me excited are some of the new features, specifically: the ability to natively backup MacOS X …

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Windows Home Server V2 – “Vail” Makes its Debut

After a period of expectancy, the next version of Windows Home Server has made its way to being released as a “public preview”. What this means is that the product is still very much in testing and many things may not work properly (or perhaps not at all). Codenamed “Vail”, Microsoft has unleashed this second …

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LogMeIn – Remote Desktop Made Easy

LogMeIn (Remote Desktop)

Have you ever been away from home and found yourself needing to access a file or document on a computer at home or perhaps an important e-mail that you don’t seem to have on your phone? Perhaps you are one of those people that is often called upon to help people with their computer problems …

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