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LogMeIn – Limiting Free Accounts to Ten Computers

Well, the gravy train wasn’t going to last forever but it was pretty good while it lasted. If you don’t already know, LogMeIn is placing a restriction on the number of computers you can access through you LogMeIn account. Essentially, you will only be able to access the first ten computers that have LogMeIn free …

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Getting Internet Sharing to Work on Mountain Lion

My wife is over in Denmark by herself at the moment but wanted to share her in room internet connection (a cabled Ethernet connection) to her other devices over Wi-Fi. She had recently upgraded her MacBook Air to Mountain Lion (Mac OS X 10.8) but had used internet sharing on that computer in the past on …

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LogMeIn Hangs or Refuses to Refresh Screen

On odd occasion, I need to connect to one of my home computers to get a file, kick off a download or one of those random things that need doing. I have used LogMeIn for a while for this very purpose across my Windows PCs, MacBook Pro and also my iPad to make sure I …

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LogMeIn and Windows 8 Release Preview Stability

I finally got the chance to install the Windows 8 Release Preview on my MacBook Pro this weekend. I was rather annoyed that my laptop didn’t seem to support booting of a USB stick for the installation so I had to go “old school” and burn a DVD to kick off the installation process. Anyway, …

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FireSheep – Why You Should Be Worried About Unsecured Wi-Fi Networks

You may have caught glimpses in the news about a Firefox add-on called FireSheep but you may or may not know of its capabilities and the implications it will have upon your interactions online. In a nuthsell, this add-on allows a user to see the social network activities that are taking place on an unsecured …

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When All Else Fails, Use Malwarebytes

Today, a work colleague and friend of mine had an issue with her computer being overcome by a nasty piece of malware formally known as PolyCrypt and commonly disguised as “Security Master AV” (which looks a lot like the Windows Security Centre). The computer was still operational and remote accessible via LogMeIn (which I have …

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SUPER – A Great Audio & Video Conversion Utility

SUPER (Main Screen)

Have you ever been caught in a situation where you need to have an audio or video file in a specific file? It could be one of those “just in case” things as you never know when you might need it. Anyway, I was caught in a situation this week where the CIO wanted to …

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LogMeIn – Remote Desktop Made Easy

LogMeIn (Remote Desktop)

Have you ever been away from home and found yourself needing to access a file or document on a computer at home or perhaps an important e-mail that you don’t seem to have on your phone? Perhaps you are one of those people that is often called upon to help people with their computer problems …

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