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Optus MeTV (Powered by FetchTV) Preview

This video is probably the longest one I have recorded so far for the YouTube channel (and hopefully I won’t record anything longer) but I managed to edit the video for the Optus MeTV preview. You’ll get a closer look at the device itself as well as how the initial setup works and some of …

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Optus MeTV Unboxing

Took a little while to get around it due to other commitments but here is the unboxing video for the Optus MeTV. It is a rebranded Yuxing YX-6936U with access to online offerings from FetchTV as well as containing digital tuners to record content to the 1TB internal hard drive (so you can pause and rewind live …

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Incoming Gadget – Optus MeTV

Just a heads up that I have received a new gadget in the form of an Optus MeTV box. MeTV is a partnership with IPTV startup FetchTV and includes a 1TB PVR (which I will be unboxing). I’ll cover this device in more factual detail in isolation of passing judgement on the service itself over …

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Australian Federal Election – Unprecedented Live & Online Coverage

Australian Federal Election - Digital Coverage 2

Over the last decade, we have seen the proliferation of online coverage of events around the world as well as the beginnings of close to real-time video from remote areas courtesy of the Internet. Television coverage has made keen use of technology to close the lag time between initial recording and broadcast and the popularity …

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The Days of HDMI may be Numbered – All Hail HDBaseT!

As part of my daily browsing, I came across an interesting article regarding HDMI and a new proposed standard with the moniker of “HDBaseT”. The networking gurus amongst us would know that we already have 10BASE-T (10Mbps Ethernet over twisted pair), 100BASE-T (100Mbps Fast Ethernet) and 1000BASE-T (1Gbps Ethernet). Given those standards and naming conventions, …

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Watching the World Cup on Computer? Try Devuvuzelator!


Something more topical for today in the form of  program that will help those of you watching the World Cup on your computer (such as via IPTV or other means). I’m sure we all now know about the vuvuzela and that some will find it more irritating than others. If you find it does impact …

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Would You Pay for News Content?

The Murdochs and the Jobs of the world have you believe that people would be inclined to pay for news content. Murdoch has the most to lose as his empire is heavily reliant on traditional print media whilst Jobs has the most to gain in the digital arena. What it comes down to is whether or not …

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IPTV – The Future of Multicast Content Delivery

At home in our living room, we have our LCD TV hooked up to the Foxtel IQ2 (which is a fantastic device by the way) but there are times when we both want to watch something at the same time and time shifting is simply not an option. One such case tonight was when I …

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Circuit vs Packet Switched Networks – Packets are the Future

Having studied data network and telecommunications concepts and principles at university, I know the difference between circuit and packet switched networks but I suspect that the regular person on the street does not have the same level of knowledge or awareness. As such, I thought I would flesh this out a bit so that people …

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