Watching the World Cup on Computer? Try Devuvuzelator!

Something more topical for today in the form of  program that will help those of you watching the World Cup on your computer (such as via IPTV or other means).

I’m sure we all now know about the vuvuzela and that some will find it more irritating than others. If you find it does impact your enjoyment of the match in progress, you can download and run an application called “Devuvuzelator”. The name should really give away its sole purpose which is to filter out the vuvuzela.



The application has two settings: one to enable or disable the filter and another to adjust the strength of the filter. Fairly simple stuff.

Instead of the application simply filtering all sound within a certain frequency band (around about 230Hz for a vuvuzela), it estimates the signal energy created by vuvuzelas in the audio sample and removes that estimated amount. This helps to maintain the overall voice quality of the commentators (if you don’t find them more annoying)  whilst keeping the full range of intonation intact. The adaptive approach also helps to bring through the various crowd reactions which aren’t drowned out.

So whilst it looks like Australia is well and truly on the ropes this application might at least make the experience a little less painful. It’s available for Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

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