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Australian Federal Election – Unprecedented Live & Online Coverage

Australian Federal Election - Digital Coverage 2

Over the last decade, we have seen the proliferation of online coverage of events around the world as well as the beginnings of close to real-time video from remote areas courtesy of the Internet. Television coverage has made keen use of technology to close the lag time between initial recording and broadcast and the popularity …

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South Australian AG – So Long, Farewell (Not)

Days after the South Australia state election, Attorney-General Michael Atkinson has tendered his resignation from the front bench but will remain in parliament until the 2014 state election. Atkinson appears to have hung on to his seat despite suffering an 11% swing against him after the distribution of preferences. It is his belief that there …

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Political Backflip with a Twist

In my previous blog post I reviewed the dismal legislation passed in South Australian parliament. It seems today that Attorney General Michael Atkinson copped some flack when attempting to defend the new law on Adelaide radio station 5AA. As a result, Atkinson has indicated that he will motion to repeal the law after the election. …

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An Attack on Online Anonymity

Today, I was wondering what I could blog about and the Government of South Australia handed it to me on a platter via the News and Electronic Frontiers Australia websites. In a nutshell, the Government in this state has amended the South Australian Electoral Act 1985 to require that people publishing election-related content (both print …

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