Incoming Gadget – Optus MeTV

Just a heads up that I have received a new gadget in the form of an Optus MeTV box. MeTV is a partnership with IPTV startup FetchTV and includes a 1TB PVR (which I will be unboxing).

I’ll cover this device in more factual detail in isolation of passing judgement on the service itself over the next week. This means that I will show you what is in the box, around the device itself, how the device works, the on screen interfaces and what is included in the base service.

However, I will not be doing a formal review of this device or providing an endorsement as that would represent a conflict of interest on my part. That said, hopefully you will get enough understanding of the device and how it works to work out if it is up your alley or not.

Stay tuned!

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