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NZ: Double the Fibre to the Home – Wise or Wasteful?

Across the ditch in New Zealand, the Kiwis are planning their own fibre network but in an interesting twist, homes will have not one but two fibres entering the premises. The idea behind this approach is to have retailers battle it out in the home but not for the home. Now, I’m not privy to …

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Should Broadband Become a Utility Service?

These days, everyone should have access to electricity, water and a telephone line (although I have a brother-in-law of mine that doesn’t have drinkable tap water). Back in the days of analogue and digital dialup modem technology, the telephone line was not only there for emergencies and keeping in touch with people but also opened …

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Circuit vs Packet Switched Networks – Packets are the Future

Having studied data network and telecommunications concepts and principles at university, I know the difference between circuit and packet switched networks but I suspect that the regular person on the street does not have the same level of knowledge or awareness. As such, I thought I would flesh this out a bit so that people …

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