An Easier Way to Monitor Google Apps E-mail Accounts

This tip is aimed at those of you who are using Google Apps with your personalised domain name and want to monitor the e-mail communications conducted under each e-mail address.

For a variety of reasons, it’s important to be able to keep track of the e-mail communications undertaken by each user. It could be that you want to ensure the integrity of the company brand, protect against undesirable usage of company e-mail addresses or you are legally obligated to keep copies of all e-mail communications.

One solution would be to reset a user’s password when you want to look at what is contained within their mailbox but this has the effect of locking out the user and potentially alerting them to the fact that they are under surveillance. This can end up being a slow, time consuming, inconvenient and non-covert way of keeping tabs on what is going on.

Luckily, there is another solution but it will cost you.

Backupify offers a service to backup the entire contents of each Google Apps account you have under your domain name for the cost of $3 per user per month after the expiration of a fifteen day free trial. You can flag any or all of the accounts under the domain for backup and all documents, spreadsheets, calendars and e-mail will be backed up periodically to Backupify. Browsing e-mail is as simple as logging into Backupify, looking up the backups and selecting the account whose archives you wish to browse.

The only apparent drawback is that backups will occur once a day which would make it possible for mail to be lost should it be permanently deleted from an e-mail account in between backups.

Anyway, this might be a quick and easy way to get e-mail monitoring up and running for nothing if only temporarily required or on the cheap if you need to monitor things on an ongoing basis.

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