Monthly Archive: December 2011

Dec 31 2011

Boydo Updates Embedded YouTube Videos

Just a short note to cap off the year. I have gone through and updated the embedded videos on the blog to use either HTML5 or Flash depending your browser and whether or not you have Adobe Flash installed. Adobe Flash has been copping a bit of flack lately not just for its performance on …

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Dec 30 2011

Try and Locate a Stolen Camera

Here’s a quick tip tonight. With services like “Find my iPhone” on the iOS platform and similar services available on Windows Phone and some Android phones it’s interesting to see this proliferate to other “non-cellular” devices such as the humble digital camera. These days, more cameras are now building in GPS functionality such as the …

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Dec 29 2011

Samoa Updates its Timezone

I saw mention of this today online and thought this was worth talking about. Most of us are aware of the concept of “leap years” occurring every four years (except years evenly divisible by 100 so long as they are also not divisible by 400). Leap years have a leap day that ends up creating …

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Dec 28 2011

Undock and Split the iPad Soft Keyboard

As veratile as the iPad can be it can often be a right pain trying to type on it particularly when holding it in both hands when it is in landscape mode as the centre keys are often too far away from each thumb. It can also be a problem using the keyboard when in …

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Dec 27 2011

Save Time on Private Health Insurance Claims

Here’s another quick tip for tonight. Like it or hate it, most of us earning a living are “encouraged” to take out private health insurance for one of a bunch of reasons. It’s always nice to get something back on those various medical fees we incur particularly if we can get it processed at the …

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Dec 26 2011

Why Won’t Windows Automatically Sleep?

Recently, I reinstalled Windows 7 from scratch after putting a brand new OCZ RevoDrive 3 X2 solid state drive in my desktop computer but since then my computer hasn’t been going to sleep automatically after its nightly backup. After a bit of research, I found that I needed to use the powercfg tool to see what …

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Dec 24 2011

Panasonic Lumix FT3 Unboxing

For those of you who have been following the blog you might have read that I joined the Panasonic Insider Crew late last year and, more recently, became an Insider Guru. From time to time, I’ll get my hands on some Panasonic gadgets and I’ll also share my thoughts and experiences with you so you …

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Dec 23 2011

Playing it Safe on the Roads at Christmas

The end up the year is creeping up with Christmas and New Year celebrations just waiting to get into full swing. For many, this can involve a lot of driving and attention to pay on the roads. These days, we have GPS to help us get from A to B and other tools that warn …

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Dec 22 2011

Restart a Stuck Samsung Galaxy Tab

Today I was helping someone officially upgrade the firmware on a couple of devices (specifically a Samsung Galaxy S and the original Samsung Galaxy Tab) and unfortunately the Galaxy Tab had seized up and would not respond to any inputs. Even holding in the power button wouldn’t wake the device up from its seemingly infinite …

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