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Restart a Stuck Samsung Galaxy Tab

Today I was helping someone officially upgrade the firmware on a couple of devices (specifically a Samsung Galaxy S and the original Samsung Galaxy Tab) and unfortunately the Galaxy Tab had seized up and would not respond to any inputs. Even holding in the power button wouldn’t wake the device up from its seemingly infinite …

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The Samsung Popup Shop – Feisty or Foolish?

Yesterday, I wrote about the Samsung Music Hub which could be checked out at a popup shop in George Street in Sydney. Today, the general media have covered the fact that this popup shop was also offering ten Samasung Galaxy S II handsets per day until the end of the week for two dollars each. …

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Attack of the Tablets

If you have been following the tech news today, details about two of the more significant tablets come to surface today in the form of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and the BlackBerry PlayBook. The timing was good as the international pricing for the Apple iPad 2 was also released. As far as Australia goes, …

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