Playing it Safe on the Roads at Christmas

The end up the year is creeping up with Christmas and New Year celebrations just waiting to get into full swing. For many, this can involve a lot of driving and attention to pay on the roads.

These days, we have GPS to help us get from A to B and other tools that warn us about fixed speed cameras, frequent spots where the police may lurk. There are also other deterrents such as breath test units, highway patrols and double demerits. While technology may seem like it can be one or two steps ahead of the local authorities there’s no substitute for playing it safe and obeying the rules.

So please:

  • take it easy on the roads and drive at a safe and legal speed,
  • appoint a designated driver,
  • pull over if you need to muck around with gadgets,
  • have a nap or swap drivers if you feel drowsy.

As much as technology can warn you about certain things it can also be used against you if you are caught doing the wrong thing. There’s no substitute for being consistently safe and sensible particularly at this time of year.

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