Boydo Updates Embedded YouTube Videos

Just a short note to cap off the year.

I have gone through and updated the embedded videos on the blog to use either HTML5 or Flash depending your browser and whether or not you have Adobe Flash installed.

Adobe Flash has been copping a bit of flack lately not just for its performance on the desktop and on mobile devices but also for its security vulnerabilities. That said, choice and compatibility are always a good thing so you aren’t compelled to have Flash installed to view the videos embedded on this site. This should also be helpful for those looking at the site on mobile devices without Flash either through an active decision or restriction.

Anyway, to wrap things up for 2011, thanks to all for following Boydo’s Tech Talk. The coming year is shaping up to be even better so make sure you stay tuned for more news, tips and gadgets!

Stay safe, enjoy the celebrations this evening and see you on the other side 🙂

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