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Close to Native Podcasting in Windows Phone 8

For those outside the USA it has been rather odd that Microsoft has withheld the native podcast capabilities of Windows Phone 8 handsets which has given rise to a vast number of apps to fill the gap. Some do the trick but the interface lets them down while others fail to reliably keep track of …

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SlapDash Podcasts Pro for Windows RT

Prior to moving away from iOS and the iPad I had taken to streaming my podcast videos over 3G to avoid having to use iTunes. Unfortunately, I did exceed the 10GB allowance on my plan one month which meant I incurred excess usage charges which has turned me off from using it as my primary …

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WinAMP Goes Cross-Platform

Here’s a heads up for those Mac users out there. WinAMP is now available as a desktop application for Mac OS X including the ability to  sync with Android devices (something which has been lacking somewhat on Apple gear). The interface does differ somewhat from the traditional one found in the Windows version which is …

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Recover Speed on Slow iOS Devices

Checking iOS Device Space Utilisation in iTunes

It seems that with each iOS update older devices can get a bit slower in having to support new features on existing hardware. Unfortunately, you just can’t crack open your device and add more memory or swap out the CPU for something more powerful. That said, there can be other causes of poor performance on …

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iOS 4.2.1 iPad Bug – Background Video Playback Broken

After coming back from a holiday in Cairns (where I had forgotten to pack my earphones and putting a dampener on my ability to listen to my podcasts) I updated my iPad to iOS 4.2.1 to finally access features that had been available on the iPhone for months – primarily the folders feature so I …

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