SlapDash Podcasts Pro for Windows RT

Prior to moving away from iOS and the iPad I had taken to streaming my podcast videos over 3G to avoid having to use iTunes. Unfortunately, I did exceed the 10GB allowance on my plan one month which meant I incurred excess usage charges which has turned me off from using it as my primary means of getting my weekly podcast fix.

Now that I have moved to the Microsoft Surface I had to find a solution and it looks like I have found something pretty slick.

SlapDash Podcasts Pro

SlapDash Podcasts Pro

SlapDash Podcasts Pro is available in the Windows Store for both Windows RT and Windows 8 as a Metro Modern UI app and despite being available as a paid app for AU$1.99 you can try it for free although it will be ad-supported in this mode. You can subscribe to podcasts and have them download to your videos library in the background for later viewing or stream on demand when within range of a data connection. This flexibility is bound to be handy for people looking for a podcast solution.

Another great feature is that it will also keep track of how far you get into your podcasts and, hopefully, maintain that across devices via the cloud. I’ll test this out when I get to use this app during the coming weeks.

Stay tuned!

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