Close to Native Podcasting in Windows Phone 8

For those outside the USA it has been rather odd that Microsoft has withheld the native podcast capabilities of Windows Phone 8 handsets which has given rise to a vast number of apps to fill the gap. Some do the trick but the interface lets them down while others fail to reliably keep track of how far you’ve listened or watched a podcast (be it audio or video).

Some don’t even support video podcasts at all or perform with reduced functionality.

If you’re after a no fuss podcast client for Windows Phone 8 then you should check out Podcaster. This is a very simple app which will download your audio and video podcasts whilst integrating with the music and videos hub in Windows Phone 8 (which will play compatible media flawlessly). Put simply, this app doesn’t try to do anything that the operating system can already do if you’re not lucky enough to reside in a country that Microsoft deems fit to use the podcast capabilities.

Anyway, it’s worth a look and is available for both Windows Phone 8 and 7.5 for free.

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