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Network Traffic Anomaly Detected in LastPass Service

For those that don’t know, LastPass is a fantastic free service that takes care of your password management for websites plus other neat things such as automatic form filling and random password generation. I’ve used this for a while myself across multiple computers (under Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome), my iPad and Samsung Galaxy S …

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Secure Online Transactions with VeriSign Identity Protection

These days we hear horror stories of accounts being hacked and unwanted activity occurring under those accounts. In the worst cases, this can involve finances which can really cause major problems depending on what happens. So really, prevention is the best cure as trying to pick up the pieces afterwards can be time consuming and …

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Biometrics and Multi-Factor Authentication

As computing power increases and bad guys are looking for ways to steal things like usernames and passwords, it’s natural that the technology industry has been looking for new ways to make it more difficult for unwanted parties to gain access to information and resources (such as personal finances). Today, Citibank made an announcement that …

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