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A Simpler Way to Find ROMs for Samsung Galaxy S III

If you’re an old hat with Android and you’re keen to move away from the stock ROM on the Samsung Galaxy S III then you might be interested in this website. Rom-db.com keeps track of recently updated ROMs for the Samsung Galaxy S III as well as other popular Android handset, including: HTC Evo 4G HTC …

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Google Music – An Unexpected Invitation

Google Music Invitation

After I criticised Google for making it difficult for us folks outside of the USA to get into the beta of its new music streaming service I received an invitation to join the Google Music beta. I had also tried the client software on my phone which didn’t go very far even when I was …

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Sometimes Other Android Devices Have Better Apps

Google AOSP Alarm Clock App

For a while I’ve been looking for a decent weather app for my Samsung Galaxy S and had last week selected GO Weather which has a pretty good widget and a very attractive app complete with video backgrounds and detailed three day forecast. However, I have had a slight yearning to move toward a pure Google Android experience as you would expect using an untouched Android Open Source Project (AOSP) ROM.

Install Gingerbread (Android 2.3.3) on Samsung Galaxy S

There’s been quite a buzz lately about an official release of Gingerbread (Android 2.3) from Samsung and, in true style, there have been many leaked ROMs for the Samsung Galaxy S that have been gracing the web. Over the weekend, I decided to bite the bullet and put Gingerbread on my phone. To be specific, …

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Adjust Text Brightness on Android with Screen Filter

A tip for the Android users out there. Have you ever woken up during the night and needed to check your phone only to find your eyes burnt by the brightness of the screen even on the minimum or automatic brightness setting? It’s definitely not a pleasant experience but there is something you can do …

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Avoid Waiting For Downloads with Skipscreen

If you download a lot of stuff from services such as MultiUpload or RapidShare and you don’t have a premium account you may be all too familiar with having to wait up to several minutes before the site will let you download your file. I experience this all too often as I am keeping an …

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Samsung Galaxy S – Unleash the Potential with Darky’s ROM

A while back I decided to try something new when the time came to get a new phone after having owned an iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS. During 2010, I had picked up an iPad so changing to a new platform for my new mobile was not throwing away my relatively small investment in iOS …

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