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Nov 09 2013

Checking Your Adobe Account for Recent Hacking

Adobe attracts regular attention regarding the security of its products most notably its Adobe Acrobat Reader and Flash software. However, Adobe was caught out more recently for losing millions of customers information containing email addresses and passwords along with the password hints. The major problem that was uncovered after this came to light was the …

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Aug 27 2013

Scheduled Tasks and Windows Account Lock Outs

Just sharing a rather frustrating experience of mine from the last few days. As is the case with many large companies, the fleet of computers is managed via Active Directory and one or more domains. Users main interaction with AD would be in the form of authentication with a username and password but also for …

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Dec 25 2012

LastPass Sentry – Even More Password Protection

While this is a couple of months old I thought I would share this anyway as I thought this was a really neat feature. If you use LastPass as your password manager across your browsers you can execute a check of your account credentials through use of the LastPass Security Challenge. It will scan all …

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Nov 11 2012

Security Versatility Under Windows 8 and Windows RT

Under prior versions of Windows it was pretty much a given that you would login using a username and password. These instances would far outnumber the usage of biometric scanners and smartcards although those are also valid alternatives. However, with the release of Windows 8 and Windows RT comes the ability to choose from a …

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Nov 07 2012

Double Check Your Passwords in Windows RT

Here’s another Windows RT tip. When you are typing in a password into a Metro style app it will be masked with dots as per usual. However, you might make the odd typo while getting used to the touch cover, type cover or on screen keyboards so if you want to quickly check what you’ve …

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May 17 2011

Change Your PSN Account Details

PlayStation Account Management

Whilst this might seem a bit obvious it can’t hurt to make this suggestion. A lot of people use the same username and password combinations across a bunch of websites and even for their personal e-mail (when a username has to be in the form of an e-mail address). Of course, this makes it easier …

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May 06 2011

Network Traffic Anomaly Detected in LastPass Service

For those that don’t know, LastPass is a fantastic free service that takes care of your password management for websites plus other neat things such as automatic form filling and random password generation. I’ve used this for a while myself across multiple computers (under Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome), my iPad and Samsung Galaxy S …

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Oct 14 2010

Biometrics and Multi-Factor Authentication

As computing power increases and bad guys are looking for ways to steal things like usernames and passwords, it’s natural that the technology industry has been looking for new ways to make it more difficult for unwanted parties to gain access to information and resources (such as personal finances). Today, Citibank made an announcement that …

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