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Support Rings Tru

Just a follow up to my blog from yesterday about problems getting my Tru SIM from Truphone to work. After second call after an initial attempt to fix it just after midnight this morning things were fixed up late this morning after doing another round of rebooting and SIM ejection and insertion. I even wiped my …

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Activate Your Tru SIM Before Going Overseas

Given that I am going on a holiday to Hawaii in a few weeks time I decided to get a Tru SIM for my own mobile after the good experience had by my wife when she was overseas (which I wrote about here). Anyway, my Tru SIM (from Tru and formerly known as Truphone) arrived …

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Cut Your Mobile Roaming Costs with Truphone

For some of us international travel doesn’t come around that often but if anything is certain mobile roaming costs can blow a serious hole in your budget if you don’t tightly control your phone calls (both inbound and outbound) as well as your data usage (which can be frightfully expensive at $20 per megabyte). Whilst …

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