Call Conferencing Now Available on Optus Mobiles

Here’s a tidbit of information that some of you might find handy which went under the radar last month.

I’ve always had an interest in phones and phone systems along with finding out how they work. Occasionally, I have played practical jokes on people by working out quirks in a phone system (such as enabling voicemail lights on phones when they have no voicemail). Much fun was had back in the day.

<reminiscent sigh>

Anyway, Optus recently enabled the ability to use the call conferencing on its mobile services with up to six parties on the same call including the conference initiator. Furthermore, call conferences can be comprised of other call conferences initiated by joined parties. Theoretically, a two tiered call conference could contain up to 31 people (with the six participants in the original conference including the initiator plus another five people for each original participant).

Mobile Call Conference on Optus

Mobile Call Conference on Optus

Call conferencing with your mobile phone is a great way to keep in touch with multiple people on the go and could be handy in a variety of situations (such as a road trip convoy if you don’t have walkie talkies or if you need to make a critical business call with a number of key people in a hurry).

Of course you will need to keep in mind the call costs of your plan and how a call conference may affect your bill so don’t go overboard if you’re not on a generous cap plan or an untimed plan.


    • Solomon Karbiah on March 4, 2013 at 22:58
    • Reply

    Want to organized a telecomference,I am on the $40.00 Monthly plan.

    1. Have you tried following the instructions for your phone to do call conferencing and, if it doesn’t work, have you contacted Optus?

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