Find a Better Mobile Plan on the Same Mobile Network

Here’s a quick tip for tonight.

In Australia, we’re fortunate that we have a few major carriers with their own networks from which to select but also there are a variety of MVNOs (mobile virtual network operators) who resell the network access to the major carrier networks but often with different pricing plans. This can give you the benefit of being able to use the same mobile network but perhaps get a better deal at the same time.

For instance, I recently churned my service from Optus to Amaysim after finding that I could cut my monthly spend by at least half while still retaining most of the benefits of my prior plan (the most notable losses $120 of international call credit and 1GB less of data per month). I get the same benefit of being on the Optus network but with all the bells and whistles that I appreciated from my old plan at a reduced cost. What I plan to do with the money I save is keep that aside so I can buy a new handset worth up to $720 every twelve months and still break even without the overheard of being locked into a contract – not bad I reckon.

At the end of the day though everyone has different requirements. Some people don’t mind contracts and some people do while others are just looking for a really good deal. Another part of the crowd may prefer the security that a large carrier may provide. Any way you look at it there is certainly no harm in checking out what else is available on the market – you might be surprised by what you can find out there.

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