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When All Else Fails, Use Malwarebytes

Today, a work colleague and friend of mine had an issue with her computer being overcome by a nasty piece of malware formally known as PolyCrypt and commonly disguised as “Security Master AV” (which looks a lot like the Windows Security Centre). The computer was still operational and remote accessible via LogMeIn (which I have …

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Is “Unlimited” a Dirty Word?

In news today, AAPT has launched an unlimited ADSL2+ broadband plan according to Australian IT. In the past, ISPs have been caught short for using the term “unlimited” with the ACCC with fine print about usage caps, speed throttling, peak and off peak quotas, etc. Otherwise, those who have been brave enough to offer truly …

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Aye Aye – A Win for Common Sense for Copyright Law

Another saga that has been closely watched by the technology community for the last fourteen months has been the case between AFACT (Australian Federation Against Copyright Theft) and iiNet (a national ISP based in Perth). In a nutshell, AFACT (comprising of the big six members of the MPAA in the US plus Village Roadshow, Seven …

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