LogMeIn and Windows 8 Release Preview Stability

I finally got the chance to install the Windows 8 Release Preview on my MacBook Pro this weekend. I was rather annoyed that my laptop didn’t seem to support booting of a USB stick for the installation so I had to go “old school” and burn a DVD to kick off the installation process.

Anyway, as soon as I had installed the Release Preview I installed the latest Windows 8 compatible drivers from nVidia (302.80 at the time of writing for laptops) after all of the horror stories people had been posting on the web about random hanging on systems with nVidia video cards in them. After installing the drivers I began to notice that my MacBook Pro really cooled down. When I had the Windows 8 Consumer Preview installed the MacBook Pro would get rather hot and then eventually hang. It was definitely good news that the excess heat and stability seemed to be corrected.

However, after installing LogMeIn things didn’t seem to go too well. The laptop could barely stay operational for a couple of hours before encountering a hang with the only solution being a hard reset. Obviously, this became rather frustrating so I uninstalled LogMeIn which seems to have corrected the issue.

Apparently, uninstalling the LogMeIn mirror driver in Device Manager has corrected this problem for some but I am yet to verify if this is works in my case. I’ll keep you posted either way 🙂

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