SMTP Error 452 – 4.3.1 Out of Memory

A more technical article for today based upon something that I encountered yesterday.

The automated reporting software (Business Objects Enterprise XI 3.1) with which I work uses an SMTP server to send reports out via e-mail as attachments. However, this morning a good percentage of the reports failed to go out for now apparent reason. The error that I noted in the report logs read:

address error. [CrystalEnterprise.Smtp]: [Error sending address(es) to SMTP server. Return code: [SMTP 452 – Requested action not taken: insufficient system storage.].

This was pretty clear to me that the SMTP server was having an issue starting back on Saturday evening and gradually becoming worse until yesterday. Anyway, according to the web this error indicates a lack of resources, stuff like:

  • hard drive space (remedy would be to free up space),
  • available RAM (remedy would be to bounce processes),
  • file handles (.

After having the SMTP server checked out with none of the above seeming to be a problem we gave it a bounce as it had been online for a very long time. After that, everything seems to have come good but it’s something that I am keeping an eye on just in case.


    • Marcus on April 24, 2014 at 10:26
    • Reply

    Hey Boyd

    Was really interested in your issue. It seems that we are experiencing the same issue, presently at my work. When you say bounce, did you mean stop and start the server. If so, what server?

    Thanks Marcus

    1. Small world! 😉

      Yes, bouncing would be stopping and starting the service again or the whole server. Sometimes you can get away with just restarting the SMTP service/process on the SMTP server but sometimes you need to restart the entire server.

      This is something the Exchange folks will take care for you 🙂

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