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Enable or Disable Auto-Complete in Outlook

For whatever reason, you may need to disable or re-enable the auto-complete function in Outlook but locating the setting can be difficult as it differs between the various versions. As such, I thought I would consolidate the methods to re-enable this feature for each version of Outlook: Outlook 2003/2007 Click Tools, Click Options, On the Preferences tab …

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Giving Office 365 a Shot

Just a quick update. You might have read about my e-mail woes in yesterday’s article and not wanting to leave things lingering for too long I decided to pull the trigger and try out Office 365 free for thirty days. I have always been a big user of Outlook and moving the back end of …

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Watch for New eBay Auctions Using RSS

eBay RSS Feed in Outlook 2010

RSS is a great tool to make sure you can keep on top of new events without having the continually poll a stack of websites in your browser. One such example might be if you are keeping your eyes peeled for some bargain auctions on eBay but would get pulled up for having eBay on …

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