Incoming Gadget – Microsoft Surface

In a nutshell, I caved.

Yesterday, I pulled the trigger on a pre-order of the Microsoft Surface which is a Windows RT tablet (an ARM only version of Windows 8). The thing that was really irking me about getting one was the lack of cellular radio in the device which meant that on the go I would have to tether over Wi-Fi to my phone or get a cellular Wi-Fi hotspot. I am still deciding which way to go at the moment but will provide an update once I figure it out.

Anyway, I have pre-ordered the 32GB Surface with the touch cover keyboard in black. I figured that was the better deal as buying a Surface and then a touch cover keyboard later on would have been more expensive and then if I fancy getting a type cover later on I could flog off the touch cover. I did also have a look at getting the HD Digital AV Adapter but those had sold out by the time I had gotten around to ordering.

What about my iPad? Well, it seems like the end of the line for software updates so as far as new features are concerned it won’t be getting anything. It’s served me quite well for over two and a bit years but disappointing that the original iPad has been cut loose by Apple. If all goes well with the Microsoft Surface then I’ll probably be inclined to sell it to help reduce the number of gadgets I have lying around.

As always, stay tuned for the unboxing video 🙂

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