A Simpler Way to Find ROMs for Samsung Galaxy S III

If you’re an old hat with Android and you’re keen to move away from the stock ROM on the Samsung Galaxy S III then you might be interested in this website.

Rom-db.com keeps track of recently updated ROMs for the Samsung Galaxy S III as well as other popular Android handset, including:

  • HTC Evo 4G
  • HTC Sensation
  • Samsung Galaxy Nexus
  • Samsung Galaxy Note
  • Samsung Galaxy S II

It’s perhaps an easier way to check out what is available and what has been recently updated than trawling XDA Developers for this information (despite probably being the best place to find a ROM for your Android device). At a glance, you can see the version of each ROM, time of last update, the base ROM (if it is an enhancement or modification of an existing ROM) and the version of Android it uses which is handy if you’re keen to try out the latest version.

Anyway, you can always click through the the corresponding XDA Developers thread for each ROM to see the details, discussion and screenshots if available. Definitely worth checking out if you’re keen to try a new ROM!

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